bugzlife asked : Hello. I recently followed you on Instagram under @namesizzy. I saw your art and immediately fell in love. I've been wanting to do an art trade with you. Would you be intrested?

Oh perdón, I don’t use Tumblr, and I just watched it. I’ll be glad to make an art trade with you.

gabrieloscopio asked : Por favor vive en México DF.

Sería lindo, pero vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina.

eatmynarcolepsy asked : This sounds silly, but I wanted Gengar to have successfully stolen a pokepuff from Clefable and Clefable to be apparently distraught about it. xD

I accept the challenge.

eatmynarcolepsy asked : OMG!! Really?!? Seriously. If you can come up with a Burton style pair with Clefable and Gengar, I would seriously get it tattooed on my body.

Oh, I’m seeing it in my mind. One question. Do you want it as a pair or Gengar being the shadow of Clefable?

eatmynarcolepsy asked : Your artwork is fantastic!! Do you take requests at all??

Oh, thank you so much. What request you have?

pattymelts asked : My mother won't stop talking about how amazing your Tim Burton pokemon drawings are :)

Wow, that means so much to me. Thank you so much. :)